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At Apple, we make incredible products and services. We pour ourselves into that work, whether we are enriching customers' lives at the Apple Store, animating rain for the next Keynote, plating lunch at Caffè Macs, or chatting with a customer to transfer their family videos from their iPhone to their MacBook.

Apple prides itself on its commitment to diversity, equity, and an environment where everyone can do their best work. But Apple has fallen short of this goal for so many of our current and former teammates, so we made space to share those stories with #AppleToo.

In Slack, we have written letters together to make requests of our leadership. However, we're seeing an increase of rules restricting our ability to continue collaborating on workplace issues that are important to us. We're making our own space off of our virtual campus to ensure our voices can still be heard.

Apple celebrates its footprint of over 2.4 million workers. That's us: including more than 100,000 direct employees in the United States working under 22 executives.

It's time to think equitable at Apple—together.

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AppleTogether Roll Call—Volume One

Apple at the core…
Its core value…
Is that we believe that
can change the world
for the better.
-Steve Jobs

Come meet the “people with passion” in our short movie, AppleTogether Roll Call: Volume One

From the video’s creator:

AppleTogether Roll Call: Volume One is a short film about the progress and the state of Apple unions world wide as of October 2022.

The theme of the movie is the 1980s TV show called “The A-Team”. It is well worth looking up if you have never seen it. The theme song for the A-Team, by Mike Post, Pete Carpenter and performed here by The Daniel Caine Orchestra, is probably one of the best TV show themes ever written. (Seriously, it really should be a national anthem.)

The purpose of this movie can be broken into five points:

  1. To introduce (and connect) all of the unions that represent Apple employees around the world;
  2. to counteract the anti-union propaganda being spread by Apple management;
  3. to inspire others to join us;
  4. To use as many of our company’s own assets as possible to document ourselves
  5. and to serve as a time capsule marking our current progress at this moment in time.

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