Call for Messages of Solidarity

Calling ALL unionized artists, actors, musicians, producers, camera operators, stagehands, and content creators for Apple TV+ and Apple Music.

Recently, union organizers at Apple have been under attack. The company has taken to employing blatant union-busting tactics, including publishing anti-union video messages recorded by Senior Vice President of Retail Deirdre O’Brien. Our colleagues have been subjected to confrontational one-on-one meetings and captive morning meetings where unions are slandered and union members are referred to as thugs.

Apple sells a lot of content on AppleTV+ and Apple Music that is created by unionized workers. We now ask that these union members record a video solidarity message for Apple Retail, Corporate, and support center employees, to encourage them to have the courage to form and join unions, and to ask Apple management to stop union-busting.

This is our proposed script:

“Hello, my name is (name), and I am a/an (profession) and union member.

You may know my (work from several productions/music), including (name of content) on (AppleTV+/Apple Music).

I am speaking out today in support of the AppleTogether movement and the drive for equity that strong unions can provide to the workers of Apple.

I am also speaking out against union-busting in general, and I ask that Apple Management refrain from tactics that would interfere with or discourage union formation.

Think equitable.
Work different.
Union Strong.

In solidarity,

(Name of union i.e. SAG AFTRA) member, (name).”

Any support that union members could give us today would be immediately vital to our survival.

When submitting your video, please include written permission for us to do the following:

  • Upload and use the video for pro-union organizing purposes.
  • Watermark the videos with “AppleTogether” and splice together videos from multiple union members to create one larger video.

Please send your videos with the above permissions to

Thank you for your support.

In Solidarity,