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About Apple’s Business Conduct

Hello fellow Apple employees.

My name is Erich and I have been with Apple in Japan (R119) for over ten years. I have also been a declared union member at Apple for eight years. This means that we went to the corporate office in 2014 with a printed document that declared that a local chapter had been formed with a registered trade union (Tozen Union) and issued demands to bargain over.

Read the full letter here.

AppleTogether collects goodbye messages of former Apple employees

AppleTogether wants to highlight how many employees left Apple over Apple’s inflexible return to office policy. We are gathering statements from people who have left Apple specifically or mainly due to RTO.

The messages gathered so far and instructions how to send your own can be found here.

AppleTogether publishes "Thoughts on Office-bound Work" letter

Today, 12 years after Steve Jobs famous “Thoughts on Flash” letter, AppleTogether publishes another letter about a similarly outdated technology: Office-bound work. We wrote our Thoughts on Office-Bound Work.

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